Planning a network

I recently put together proposals for a potential client on how to set up a network for practitioners working in the field of community participation, and as part of that outlined a possible network planning game.

Here's how to use it: Take a look at the general game instructions here or download Why games - pdf. Download the networking cards - 700K pdf Download planning sheet - pdf

Follow the instructions for a real or fictitious but realistic situation. Briefly:

  • Work in groups to invent or describe the situation (what is the network for, who might be involved, what are the challenges etc)
  • Give each group a set of cards, explaining they have a budget of, say 15, and that they can add their own ideas on the blanks
  • When groups have chosen a set of cards, give them a planning sheet to work out priorities and timeline. You'll need to redraw the download A4 on an A1 sheet, or use a copier to enlarge
  • Add up the 'needs' on the cards to show staff, funding and other resources needed. There's a space at the bottom of the planning sheet.
  • Present, discuss

Comments, queries welcome below. You can download a short guide to setting up a network here .