Launch of the Regeneration Game

We are launching a boxed version The Regeneration Game in November and also running our first two training events with our partners NIACE.Regen game Participants will be able to use the game cards, planning sheet and instructions to develop neighbourhood renewal plans for some fictitious - but realistic - communities that they will invent. You can now buy the game online from NIACE. For more about the game, read on...

The Regeneration Game is based on a range of games developed since the mid 1990's by Drew Mackie and David Wilcox - many of them designed to help groups plan technology projects. You can see some of those at the Making the Network site with free cards and instructions.
The boxed game includes sets of 52 cards with ideas for regeneration projects, planning sheets, and instructions for facilitators.Game cards It also has a booklet on how games can be a highly effective way of helping groups solve problems, and information about where to get funding for many of the project ideas on the cards.
The Regeneration Game has been developed with Jane Thompson and Cheryl Turner of the adult learning organisation NIACE, that has also designed and published the game.
They write: "Participation and partnership are accepted as fundamental to successful neighbourhood renewal and yet on the ground, residents are increasingly sceptical and tired of 'being consulted', activists are overwhelmed by the demands of more meetings, and policy-makers are frustrated by delays in achieving crucial results. Doing more of the same is not enough. We need credible and imaginative new ways of supporting diverse groups of people in working and learning together.
"Endorsed by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, this exciting resource offers a refreshingly different approach to achieving proper collaboration between diverse groups of people. Using a card game format, it enables people to understand the problems of regeneration better, to plan feasible solutions, and to appreciate alternative perspectives. Ideal for staff development and for use in 'real' situations with residents, activists and professionals, it is simple to use, fun to play and above all, highly effective." Questions and answers about the Regeneration GameFor more about games, contact Drew Mackie or David Wilcox