Digital Challenge Game


The Digital Challenge is a UK government-funded programme within which local partnerships compete to develop plans for technology programmes that will improve delivery of public services, and also ensure the benefits of the online world are widely available. We are working with the Challenge team to create a game that will help partnerships develop their plans, involve local people, and later share their experience with others.

Below is the invitation that we extended to partnerships to join in development, originally posted in our project space on the Digital Challenge website. We'll provide updates on game development both there and here.

You will find on this site:

Invitation to partnerships to develop the game

The ten partnerships in the final round of the Digital Challenge are invited to collaborate in development of a workshop game that will help to "reality test" their proposals, and also start the process of sharing experience gained during the Challenge process. Others in the network are also invited to join in.

The Digital Challenge Engagement Game, currently under development, will help people explore the benefits that new technologies and social media can bring to their lives - at home, work, leisure and learning.

It will do this by enabling people to "play through" the type of projects and programmes being developed by the finalists in the Digital Challenge programme, matching personal and group needs against the services, communication and other facilities offered by the technology.

The challenges in the game will include: showing how technology can be relevant to social inclusion; making sure that technologies are tailored to people's individual preferences; dealing with programme crises like loss of funding. It will be deliberately low-tech, and run face-to-face in a workshop setting rather than online.

Development of the game is being funded by the Digital Challenge team at the Department for Communities and Local Government, and builds on earlier work with the Department for Constitutional Affairs. Game developers Drew Mackie and David Wilcox have developed a range of workshop games and simulations over the past ten years.

When complete, the game will be freely available as a download, and designed so that it can be run by anyone interested in digital inclusion - whether professionally, personally or in a local or interest group.
We have an outline of the game, and are looking for people interested in helping with further development and testing. This will involve some or all of:

  • Contributing ideas online through the project space on the Digital Challenge Network site
  • Joining a workshop for early runs of the game
  • Running a workshop locally
  • ... or offering any other suggestions

Participants in the Challenge are committed to sharing ideas and experience as well as competing, and we hope that the game will contribute to this. The game can be one of the ways in which the group can spread their ideas and experience more widely by embedding that in the game compontents.

The game kit will include the following components:

  • a framework for scenarios that can be developed to match local situations
  • personas that can be used to trigger more detailed profiling of people who will benefit from programmes
  • cards with typical projects - which can be amended and added to. These will be linked to case studies and other resources
  • frameworks for storytelling about the development of a programme, and the experiences of those involved

* potential challenges to programme development