Sustainability game for online centres

Jane Berry and the team at DirectSupport have developed a sustainability game, based on others we have done, that helps online centres plan their future now that funding from the New Opportunities Fund is coming to an end. We recently played one version with about 100 people from libraries, colleges and community projects at an event near Bolton organised by Learndirect. Participants first audited their own experience in different field likes e-learning, e-government and social enterprise support. They then worked in groups to pool that knowledge and use cards with sets of development ideas to develop project plans. The pair on the left are presenting their group's ideas for a 'desktop pub' that would engage people in using digital cameras and other equipment to develop online history and stories about their part of Liverpool. You can download the materials that we used here. There are Jane Berry's opening presention, facilitator's notes, templates and the four card sets explained in the notes. You'll need the free Acrobat reader for the pdfs. Presentation - pdf Facilitation notes - Word Personal audit template - Word Group audit template - Word Project planning template - Word Download blue cards - pdf Download yellow cards -pdf Download red cards - pdf Download green cards - pdf Other related DirectSupport materials for mentors and centres available here

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