Digital Challenge Game Personas

As the game overview sheet explains, one of the first tasks for players is to develop or choose some profiles of people who will benefit from the programme under development. The personas will feature in the development phase of the game, and storyboards are developed showing how people use different technologies.

You can create your own personas, or select some as starting points. If you are developing your own, write a couple of paragraphs covering these points:

  • What is their age, gender, ethnicity, life circumstances?
  • What are the challenges that they face?
  • What skills and interests do they have?
  • What level of experience and confidence do they have with technology?
  • What are their preferences for communicating - e.g. face-to-face, phone, text, e-mail and web, audio/video

You can use the personas below as they are presented, or as a starting point. When we develop the full game instructions were will put these on cards.

  • Yvette is 14, and spends a lot of time online in mySpace. Her mother is worried that she may be at risk from pedophiles in chat rooms.
  • Tracy is 18, and lives at home with her parents and young baby. She's worried about losing touch with friends, and also wants to get a job and a place of her own. She uses her mobile phone to keep in touch.
  • Beryl has just retired from factory work, and lives alone. She has some mobility problems, misses her work friends and has difficult with shopping. She has never used the Internet.
  • Aziz runs a neighbourhood convenience store, working long hours with help from his wife and older daughter. He is well-liked in the community, but worried that Tesco are going to open a small store nearby and he will lose customers.
  • Jenny has been heavily involved in local community groups for many years, and now finds that as a representative on partnership bodies she is expected to use email and the web. She believes she has a right to paper communications, and is resisting using any technology.
  • James is a neighbourhood renewal worker, keen to ensure that different interests in the community find their voice and gain recognition for the contribution they can make. However, he can't get people to turn up to meetings.
  • Jackson, unemployed, is a member of a band who are now getting some local gigs. He is keen to make more of this opportunity, but doesn't feel he has the necessary business skills.
  • Sonya is deaf and wants to gain some qualifications and then a job using the Internet - but doesn't know where to start.
  • Jack is a single dad with twin daughters. He is unemployed with a respiratory disability. School teachers say the twins, Paula and Louise, are bright but not interested in learning. The household doesn't have a computer.


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